Friday, August 19, 2016

"Team USA Dominates Medal Count"

That was the headline at the CBS Sports website today, Friday, 19 August 2016.

And if you look at their Medal Tracker, you'll see it's true - the US has won 46 more medals than anyone other country.

But we've also got the biggest contingent of athletes, and probably spend more money per athlete than any other country (with the possible exception of the Russians - who of course have their own doping issue disgrace)

With the amount of money available to successful Olympians is it any wonder that the "amateur" status of the sports involved went by the wayside more than 20 years ago?

Pro basketball players shouldn't be in the Olympics, or pro tennis players or pro golfers.

And as for other "sports"... synchronized swimming. Why is that an Olympic sport?  Sure, it takes a lot of skill to be able to kick your legs in time with your teammate while you're head is vertical under the water... but there's nothing for the spectators to see! At least with all other sports, regardless of how boring they might be (soccer), you can actually watch the entire body of the athlete at work.

Anyway, back to CBS Sports' Olympic Medal Tracker. Here are the top 11 countries, sorted by gold medals won.

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